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Strategy above all! Without strategy there is no unified brand or unified communication. In order for all communication channels to support the brand, our experts must constantly keep their finger on the pulse of communication - the strategy. This is what ensures long-term results. Our agency can get the most out of a brand when given the opportunity to develop a strategy together with our partners.


There is no strategy without numbers and data. Today, everyone is talking about data-driven marketing: real-time click-through rates, e-mail open rates, geolocation, demographic data, shopping habits, visiting habits - a lot of data can be collected through digital tools. Researchers draw conclusions from these, which provide the basis of the strategy. Moreover, with the help of research we can constantly monitor and test our strategies.


A well-supported strategy proves its raison d’être here. Our creativity is inspired by research-based strategies & concepts, and human insights. Viewpoints and thoughts about people and the world are mixed, resulting in the creation of a unique approach to the brand that the consumer likes. This is the laboratory of brand development. The completed creative products are made visible and audible by our in-house digital, media and PR specialists.


The media is changing at an alarming rate, new and effective tools are constantly being created to reach the consumer. It is of course important that we manage these channels appropriately and always look for the one that is the most suitable for reaching our target group. This is why there has never been such a need for prepared, up-to-date media specialists. Moreover, their work has never been so monitorable and measurable.


Without digital and social communication, a brand would be deaf and blind. They provide an opportunity to address the target groups, to engage in a dialogue, and to reach them in a sophisticated and creative way. Direct contact with the consumer comes with great responsibility, which is why in these cases creative work and media are cooperating, whilst also relying on the strategies created by digital specialists. The key to success is responding quickly, at the right time, and in the right place.


The role of PR has completely changed. Nowadays, it is no longer about the organization of press conferences and the creation of paid articles, but about the production of content related to the communication mix. These can take the form of printed or digital interfaces, or some kind of community space, the goal is a well-thought-out branding that matches the strategy.


The pandemic has radically changed our lives. And although it brought us new developments, which resulted in high-quality digital events, humans remain as they were, fundamentally social beings. That is why we continue to believe in the power of offline events, whether they affect the internal life of a company or result in an elementary consumer experience.


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