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Awareness support campaign for METRO wholesale, the objective of which is to educate partners and strengthen their commitment through cooperation in the HoReCa segment nationwide.


Production of an entertaining video series/content that is relevant to the target group, in such a way that the importance of METRO's wide range of communication also prevails. Creation of "Reason to buy" messages through content recommendation.


The contents are prepared specifically for social platforms, on a seasonal basis. Their main task is to spread the message of the brand's positioning in the social space, emphasize, support and explain the messages of the image communication with the appropriate language and visual toolset. Its focus is on how to justify the content of the platform message, taking into account the content consumption habits of the target group, all in a measurable way. That is why Dávid Pallag, who is himself a restaurant owner, professional chef and reliable partner of METRO, is a permanent character in the video series. And with its values, it represents the values ​​of the brand as well. The content communication period is usually 3-4 weeks.

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