• Unity for Ukraine


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Creating a campaign to break the indifference what people feel a year after the outbreak of the Ukrainian war. Also revive compassion for war victims and refugees, because their support is still needed, so they can return to their homes one day.


A year ago, the war seemed unbelievable, it was shocking and upsetting, but today it barely crosses our stimulus threshold. The leading stories of the news sites are no longer about the war, only about its consequences.


To spread our message against indifference - Think about Ukraine, the suffering of the Ukrainians! - we first sent out a classic postcard, offline and online. Instead of beautiful landscapes, the retro postcard showed the war-torn Ukraine.

Then billboards and CLPs appeared all over the country with ordinary images of the war, which were contrasted with ordinary thoughts of our peaceful life.

We also displayed travel suitcases in shopping malls with the simple message: "This is our life until we get home".

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