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Creating a fashion and trend focused fashion show in the spirit of mysticism


Allee's TikTok channel was launched at the same time as the campaign started, so it had to be integrated into the program. Involving the Allee's tenants, both online and offline, using modern tools and showing the variety of their offers.


We organized an interactive fashion exhibition and a TikTok Makeover Event inspired by mysticism, in the Allee atrium.

At the exhibition, we set up three extravagant installations with mannequins, dressed in the products of our tenants, and placed in situations of yin-yang, alchemy and fairy tales style. By scanning QR-codes placed next to the scenes, the installations came to life on visitors' mobile phones. In this way, real magic could be created with the help of digital technology and social media.

Another main element of the campaign was the TikTok Makeover Event, where nearly 40 pre-registered visitors were transformed from ordinary sets into magical collections, with the help of stylists, makeup artists and hairdressers.

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